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The ultimate dinner party on steroids!

Have you ever been asked to list 6 famous people you would most like to have to dinner?


You know the hypothetical perfect guest list, where well known icons like Nelson Mandela, Barrack Obama, Einstein, Coco Chanel, Queen Victoria, David Attenborough and Billy Joel (yeah I know that’s 7), sit around the dinner table sharing amazing food and conversation, discuss, debate and generally share their wisdom. To be honest this list of famous people would just scare me to death… I’d be so nervous, I’d have too many G&T’s and forget what I wanted to ask them.


I’ve had a different challenge brewing in my head for some years now, that combines my passion and my profession… What if we could bring the best minds from different spectrums of the food system together, creating an open forum to exchange ideas, learn, discuss and debate?


Image the innovation if we could get them openly collaborating, breaking down the silos that keep farmers at the a*#! end of the supply chain, taking the risk and getting the least reward and other small businesses like independent retailers, manufacturers and restaurants who are left to compete in an unfair food system dominated by the demands of large corporates!


If we could make this hypothetical feast of food and knowledge happen, I would want as many people as possible to come. Farmers who want to find ways to innovate and value add. Food value adders looking to find a way to stand out on the shelf. Independent retailers and providores who are trying to compete against dominant corporates and restaurants, food regions and tourism destinations trying to build brand and reputation by creating food experiences that celebrate the seasonality and flavours of their region.


So was born the Farm 2 Plate Exchange 2019. Challenging convention to bring some incredibly knowledgeable people, from diverse perspectives, into the same event over 2-3 days. Our sole aim is to help as many people in the farm to plate system learn, share, collaborate and be inspired to do things differently.


Why did Regionality take this gamble? I’ve been to so many conferences and come away feeling completely dissatisfied, stuffed with all the wrong food and hungry for more information. Where speakers come speak and leave and information is delivered by monolog or death by PowerPoint and you don’t get to ask questions or share your thoughts. The Farm 2 Plate Exchange is a very unconventional meeting of minds. Half the program is in a convention room and the rest is off site on case study locations where we can literally get a taste for innovation. With key note speakers to include Joel Salatin, Professor David Hughes and Jodi Roebuck you will certainly find something here to whet the appetite.


Please come, we know it’s a big investment, but we truly believe this will be the best thing you can do for the future development of your business and for your own individual professional development.






NOTE: We know that many farmers are going through very tough times due to the ongoing drought. So for some finding the money to attend the Farm 2 Plate Exchange may be completely impossible. If you are in this position at the moment and want to come, please email us. Regionality is absolutely committed to supporting our farming communities. We will subsidise a limited number of places to assist farmers from drought affected areas to attend. Email me directly

  • Farmer Dave

    G’day Rose,
    I think what your trying to do with your Farm 2 Plate Exchange is great. We are certainly in a time where the notion of Peasant Farmer / or “Who would want to farm ” needs to change.
    Food, its our energy source. If we eat more nutrient dense in season food, ( fresh – fermented – dried ), grown in soils bursting with microbes, sugars and life. . . . equals only great outcomes.
    The average person has No Idea, about how the whole natural cycle works. . . . just mention Humus, if you want to get a blank expression.
    But mention climate change, disease, the break down of families, famines, floods & fires. They are certainly aware of the negative outcomes.

    Big industry mono culture, the highly processed food business has had its time. ( and will continue ). We now have to make good food pathways readily available. . . . . . . Phew 🙂

    Here’s to more Farmers Markets, CSA’s, shared farms, shared produce. There are fantastic models out there that can now be told and shared, thanks to the internet. We have to use the power of the internet, to show the answers. Australia is in a enviable position, to work with the smart innovators of the world, for our futures. Our health and the health of mother earth.

    So three cheers to you Rose and your team.

    Farmer Dave

    3, February, 2019at10:46 am

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