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Farm Innovation & Agritourism

Our work with producers helps them to create alternate pathways to market, embrace new opportunities and build resilience through diversification and value adding by taking their business beyond the farm gate.

Consumers want to know the provenance of their food, drink and textiles. They want a genuine connection with the people and the places that produce what they eat, drink and wear every day. From that emotional connection, the story and the produce itself become a travel souvenir to be shared with family and friends at home.


Agritourism is a tourism-related experience or product that connects agricultural products, people or places with visitors to a farm or rural land. Whether you’re an emerging business or destination, or need to revamp your existing offering, we have a range of programs to develop your agritourism potential.

Agritourism Business Development Program

The Agritourism Business Development Program is Australia’s most successful and longest running capacity-building and business-mentoring program specifically designed to support farmers to innovate the farm business and move beyond the farm gate.

Delivered in a curated way based on need, this extension program assists farmers seeking to expand their agricultural business to incorporate consumer interface or tourism elements, or those already operating in the agritourism space wanting to elevate their current offerings.

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Product Development

Whether you have an existing business or are embarking on a new venture, we can help you to identify opportunities for developing and/or refining your product offering so it meets the needs and expectations of your target markets. We’ll help you to develop a compelling value proposition to ensure you remain competitive.

Brand Development

Your brand is your promise to your customers. It’s not about your logo; it’s about your values and how you deliver on the promise. It’s how you tell the story of why you do what you do. We can help you develop your brand based on a strong foundation of your values and purpose. We will help you keep it real so that everything you do is delivered with authenticity. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it!” Simon Sinek