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Experience Economy

We work with regions and existing or new businesses to encourage collaboration, innovation and regional trade, and to address the barriers that arise from systemic and cultural change.

Product and experience development

Visitors to regional Australia are “experience seekers” who want to immerse themselves in the landscape, the environment and lifestyle, connect with locals and experience something new. Attracting these experience seekers requires thinking outside the box, and that’s where we come in. With extensive regional tourism experience, from strategic planning to the coalface of delivery, we know what drives the visitor economy and we can make it happen. We can work with businesses and regional destinations to develop authentic products and experiences that will have visitors staying longer and spending more.

Industry development and cluster facilitation

Establishing “clusters” of complementary businesses is a recognised strategy to stimulate regional economic growth. As a process catalyst, we drive facilitation and planning processes to create strategic clusters for your region or industry. We will provide guidance on how to maximise opportunities across the visitor economy value chain through product development, bundling and marketing, and support the group’s ongoing collaboration to overcome challenges such as limited knowledge and skills, and financial, planning or policy impediments.

Enterprise review

This program is designed to support existing businesses to review and innovate their product and experience offering. Growing regional tourism helps communities create a vibrant and sustainable sector that reflects and celebrates the culture, people, produce, landscape and environment in their region.

We adopt a robust, flexible framework that challenges participants and stakeholders to identify their region’s needs, strengths and opportunities, and helps them to facilitate appropriate, positive change, using a suite of tools, research activities and programs to implement a plan of action.

Destination management planning

A destination management plan (DMP) brings key partners in the destination, community, industry and government together to establish a long-term strategic vision for the future and to plan how the visitor experience and offering can evolve over time. In short, a DMP is as much about the local community as it is about the visitor.
As authors of The Guide to Best Practice Destination Management, we have an intimate understanding of place-based management and how to maximise visitor economy opportunities. While there is no “one size fits all” approach, we focus on three core elements – place, people and promise – to guide you and your stakeholders through a process of information, planning and implementation.

Local ownership is critical to ongoing destination management success, and collaborative networks not only share the load but also ensure appropriate representation from all key stakeholders. Drawing on a wealth of research-based knowledge and practical experience gained in delivering projects across regional Australia, we’ll work with you to establish frameworks and procedures for ongoing destination management and help local stakeholders understand their roles during each core phase of delivery.