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DT2050: Tweed Artisan Food Weekend

Regionality’s latest collaboration: DT: 2050 Tweed Artisan Food Weekend 18-20 October, 2019

Regionality’s collaborative approach to strategic consulting means we’re always working behind the scenes, assisting our clients to find their multi-entrepreneurial potential through the development of authentic products or experiences that will encourage visitors to regional areas.


A case in point is our work with Destination Tweed: 2050 and the Tweed Artisan Food Weekend in October 2019. The exciting weekend is an opportunity for local businesses to trial new culinary tourism experiences that showcase the Tweed to the tens of thousands of travellers seeking an authentic regional holiday experience.


We are assisting DT: 2050 to produce the three-day event which involves farms, restaurants, food and drink manufacturers opening their businesses for private tours, cooking classes, exclusive dining, masterclasses and farm walks. It is expected the food weekend will become a regular celebration, with the possibility of the region hosting two, possibly three a year.


“The Tweed ticks all the boxes as a destination for high value travelers looking for authentic experiences,” says Regionality tourism and events specialist Renae Denny.


“Venues are close to each other and there’s excellent product offering for the experiences we want to help Destination Tweed:2050 deliver.”


Highlights of DT:2050’s Tweed Artisan Food Weekend being held from 18-20 October, 2019 include:

  • Stamp and Grind Mill Tours
  • Stone & Wood Brewery Tour and Tasting
  • Temple Door Cooking School
  • Meet the Farmers at Potager: A Kitchen Garden
  • Blue Ginger Picnics outdoor dining experience at Finger Lime Farm


For more information about DT:2050’s Tweed Artisan Food Weekend or to book tickets for one or all of the events, click here.

As Australia’s leading independent authority on agritourism, regional business and food systems, Regionality advises and forms strategies to reach long-term goals and oversees the implementation of these, providing practical help to reach objectives.


Our business development program ensures our clients get solutions tailored to their specific needs. We focus on building relationships so we can find solutions together and deliver objectives on time.  Our goal is to inform our clients of their potential to diversify their business or organisation. A working farm might already be creating farm experiences but we can help take that experience to another level. We’ll show the farmer how he can take advantage of another income stream – a café providing customers with a taste of local produce for example.


Regionality provides a comprehensive range of regional and business development services supporting farmers, individuals, organisations and communities throughout regional Australia. If you need to solve a problem or maximize an opportunity within your farm, community or organisation, call Regionality today 0266 741 056.

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