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Global Table 2019

Global Table spotlight shines on Regionality – Australia’s leading authority on agritourism


Regionality founder and agri-food expert Rose Wright was one of a group of international thought leaders who gathered in Melbourne for the inaugural Global Table 2019 to discuss the world’s biggest food challenges.


As Australia’s leading independent authority on agritourism, destination management and regional food systems, Regionality was invited to curate a conversation about the role and importance of agritourism.


Global Table connects innovators, corporates and governments from around the world, sharing a commitment to transform the food industry. Ms Wright said the global focus on the work of Regionality had never been so relevant to Australian producers and food regions.


“The reality is global forces influence every aspect of our local food production, from consumer trends, government policy, market forces and climate —they all have an influence on our day to day lives in regions,” she said.


“Conversely our conversations also contribute to global issues. We must stay abreast of what is happening so we can tap into opportunities and plan for challenges.”


Ms Wright said Regionality was able to bring four innovators to the forum to share their experiences and explain how agritourism is helping them to innovate and value add to their core farming venture.


“Rather than see agritourism as a peripheral activity for small scale farming, this type of innovation is now gaining recognition as a critical way to connect with and continue a strong relationship between the farmer and the consumer,” she said.


Ms Wright described Global Table 2019 as an “incredible meeting place” where global thought leaders in food and agriculture were given a platform to challenge thinking and engage in one on one conversation.


In its recent report “Growth opportunities for Australian food and agribusiness,” the CSIRO identifies emerging trends and opportunities for the sector. Importantly three themes and 10 opportunities have been identified, including health and well-being, sustainable solutions and premium interactions.


Ms Wright said this in essence, identifies the connection with consumers via agritourism as a way to build high value customers. While the concept is not new— the wine industry has been doing this for decades—agritourism is finally being recognised as a way for farmers of all size and scale to add value and build emotional connections with customers through experiences.


“The next challenges will be in helping real farming families and regions tap into the opportunities and help policy makers and regulators shift their thinking from agriculture just being about primary production on farm, to one where other related ventures can add value to the farm, its produce and the story,” she said.


Regionality is an independent consultancy providing a comprehensive range of regional development services supporting farmers, individuals, organisations and communities throughout regional Australia. If you need to solve a problem or maximise an opportunity with your farm, community or organization call Regionality today 0266 741 056.

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